Customization and flexibility

Dara Cablaggi was established in 1989, at that time under the name DARA di Martin Raffaele, by founders Jole Masiero and Raffaele Martin.



At the age of 42 and after building considerable technical and organizational skills overseeing works such as the high-voltage substations at the production facilities of the Barilla company and the control panels for the blast furnaces of ANSALDO SAN GIORGIO, Raffaele Martin embarked on his own venture in collaboration with cable manufacturer CET ELECTRIC.

In its early stages, only the 4 family members worked in the business from a small 110-square-metre workshop. It mainly manufactured cables for compressors and professional kitchen equipment.

In the early Nineties, following the start-up phase, the owners become increasingly aware of their customers’ high level of satisfaction and decide to invest in the company’s growth. Their offspring Marzia and Davide get organized; they split up the work in the office and hire the first production workers.

Davide, a strong believer in what the family company had to offer, starts to promote it to potential customers from more lucrative industries.


Over the years, the company has grown its revenue, staff, experience and skills, becoming a supplier of choice for manufacturers working in the heating, outdoor power equipment and car gas equipment fields.

Today DARA is an ISO 9001:2015-certified company working out of a 1200 sq m facility and employing a staff of 20.

The third generation of the Martin family has been working in the company since 2015, getting ready to create new and exciting scenarios for the company.


  • 4automatic lines for single-core cable harnesses
  • 4automatic lines for multi-core cable harnesses
  • 22Terminal application benches
  • 240Mini-applicators
  • 2Soldering stations
  • 2Solder pots
  • 2Automatic resin bonding machines
  • 4Automatic tie machines
  • 4Operator welding machines
  • 3Heating lines for heat-shrink materials
  • 2Automatic lines for pre-insulated connectors
  • 5Lines with 6 professional power screwdrivers for 10-metre assembly
  • 4Testing lines
  • 2Thermofusion machines
  • 21Workbench lines